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PotShot Pool is the new billiard game where you “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”. We designed this game to be exciting, fast-paced, and above all fun. You can play PotShot at home or in your local tournament. Click on our rules link to learn the game.

Imagine a pool game that you can win on any turn, on any ball. There’s no other pool game like it. Imagine a pool game that’s dominated by shot making, not playing safe. Imagine a game where the players interact, and have some fun. Now you’re imagining PotShot Pool.

 PotShot is played with PoolCash™, “The Legal Tender of PotShot Pool”™. Card players have always had chips, but they have a place to put those chips. No place for chips at the pool table (except next to the salsa). In PotShot Pool we play for PoolCash. It’s the fun way to keep track of how you’re doing in the game.  When it gets late in the PotShot  tournament, and a double or triple pot is on the line, the PoolCash piles up. There’s nothing in pool today to compare to shooting at your money ball with a big pile of PoolCash in the tray and the tournament on the line. That’s when it’s time to “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”

We created this game to add some new fun and excitement to the pool scene. We love playing it, and we think you will too. So get out there and “Make the Shot, Take the Pot”, that’s PotShot Pool.   

John & Earl