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PotShot Pool©
“Make the Shot, Take the Pot”©

PotShot Pool© is an exciting new game. The participants play PotShot for PotShot PoolCash©, “The Legal Tender of PotShot Pool”©. The game can be played with from two to nine players.

Unless specifically contradicted by these rules, the general rules of pocket billiards apply.

Each player gets $1,200.00 in PotShot PoolCash; seven $100s and ten $50s.

PotShot is played with balls numbered one through ten racked into a triangle. The one goes on the headspot, the two goes on the racker’s right corner and the three on the left corner. All other balls are placed at random. An Official PotShot Pool Scoreboard is used along with a set of 10 numbered pills and a shake bottle. Remove the 11 through 15 pills from the shake bottle.

The number of games in each round equals the number of players, giving each player one break. The PoolCash ante for each game of the round is $100.

Numbered Pills are drawn for order of play. Lowest number breaks first. Return all the pills to the bottle. One player is designated the scorekeeper for the game. The scorekeeper enters the players’ names on the scoreboard, marks the wins and no winners, and mark players off during game play.

Before each game, each player antes $100, and shakes a pill from the bottle to be his/her secret pill.

There are no called shots, and any ball sunk during a legal shot counts. The object of each game is to legally sink the ball corresponding to your secret pill. The object of the round is to finish with the most PoolCash.

On the break, four balls must touch the rail. Failure to do so gives the next shooter the option of accepting the table in position, or having the balls re-racked and breaking. If that shooter wins on the break, he/she doesn’t collect the $50.00 extra. He/she collects the $50 if winning on the break in the next game.

When a player legally pockets his/her secret pill and shows it, that game is over, the winner collects the PoolCash and the number of the pill is entered on the scoreboard. Any player who still has a pill must show it before returning it to the shake bottle. All players ante for the next game and take a new secret pill. The balls are re-racked and the next breaker in the shooting order breaks a new game.

Failure to contact the lowest numbered ball on the table is a foul. The next player can either accept the table as is or ask the offending player to shoot again. A player may only be asked to go again once per inning. The player shooting again shoots until failing to legally pocket a ball.

When your secret pill is sunk by an opponent, pay $50.00 to the player who knocked you off. The shooting rotation remains the same. The scorer enters an “X” in the off column next to the player’s name. This column is erased prior to the start of each new game.

When a win is announced, if a player shows a pill that has already been pocketed, and the player failed to announce and pay when he/she was killed, that player must pay the $50 penalty and add $50 to the current pot.

If all of the secret pills are sunk and there is no winner, the game is over. The
scorekeeper puts an X in the no winner row for that game. The pills are counted; each player antes again, and draws a new secret pill. The next player in order then breaks.

Sinking the cue ball or sending the cue ball off the table gives ball in hand behind the head string to the incoming player. When you have ball in hand, and the object ball lies in the kitchen you may have it spotted on the foot spot. This choice is made by the person taking the shot. Any object ball knocked off the table gets spotted on the footspot. Any balls sunk by an illegal shot get spotted on the footspot. If more than one ball is to be spotted they are placed in the order that they were sunk.

If the breakers’ secret pill is pocketed on the break the breaker wins, and each player must pay an additional $50.00 to the breaker. If a pill belonging to a player other than the breaker is legally pocketed on the break, that player must pay the breaker $50.00, but may also ante an additional $100.00 and draw another pill. These rules only apply on the break.

If the final game of the round is a “no winner”, then the PotShot Round is played to establish a winner for the game.

Place the cue ball on the headspot, and any object ball on the footspot. Using the break order, each player has one try to legally pocket the PotShot. After each shooter, the balls are returned to the PotShot position. The shot need not be called. If only one player sinks the shot, that player is the winner. If no player sinks the shot the round is replayed. If more than one person sinks the shot, those players who sank the shot play until a single winner is established. If more than one inning is played the break rotates.

In the event of a PoolCash tie, the tie-breaker is most wins. Players who are still tied play a potshot round to decide the order of finish.

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